Other Specialist Services

  • Threatened species recovery plan implementation (flora and fauna)
  • Project management
  • Seed production areas – seed treatments, seed mixing, seed batching and nursery viability testing.
  • Specialised wild harvest of native species
  • Identify endangered flora species and develop recovery program utilising large scale seed production
  • Field Research including species specific, seeding techniques and methodology, site preparation and management
  • Manage propagation and planting of species that are difficult to grow in direct seeding and for specific placement in the landscape
  • Education (Workshops, field days, presentations)
  • Native grassland consultancy

Each $1 donated lets us prepare, sow and begin management of one square metre of native grassland.

Together, we can reverse the loss of species and protect our world for future generations. And as a not-for-profit with Deductible Gift Recipient status, all your contributions will be tax deductible.