What we do

Our suite of activities are continually evolving as we innovate machinery and methodology to attain a superior result for your project and for the threatened species identified in state government assessments.

Seeding Natives are Accredited Third Party Providers and Brokers for Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) projects with the Native Vegetation Council (NVC)

For the purposes of section 25(C) of the Native Vegetation Act 1991

Services accredited to perform:

  • Establish Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) Areas in accordance with NVC SEB Policy
  • Deliver and manage SEB Areas according to relevant long-term Management Agreements
  • Broker – assist landholders to arrange assessment of vegetation to establish SEB credit, develop SEB Management Plans; facilitate or develop agreements and contracts between relevant parties

We are members of the Society for Ecological Restoration and where appropriate we apply the National standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia.

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Here's how we do it

01. Preparing the ground layer

We don’t just remove the weeds, we prepare the soil so we can create a solid foundation for a biodiverse¬†eco-system.

02. Seeding Process

In the last century we’ve lost 99% of native grasslands. Our seeding process is working towards our goal of restoring 30% of lost habitats.

03. Ongoing Management

We don’t just sow the seeds, we provide ongoing management to maintain the land to ensure it continues towards our goal.

04. A biodiverse ecosystem

Creating more habitats for our threatened plants and native wildlife.

Each $1 donated lets us prepare, sow and begin management of one square metre of native grassland.

Together, we can reverse the loss of species and protect our world for future generations. And as a not-for-profit with Deductible Gift Recipient status, all your contributions will be tax deductible.