Fundraising Campaigns

The Forktree Project Collaboration

Your donation will help our partnership with The Forktree Project to help them in the quest to re-wild the property by restoring the ground layer at the degraded 133-acre former pastoral property in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

For Every Dollar Donated We Will Restore One Square Metre

We will reconstruct one square metre of native grassland for every dollar donated.

Critical Ecological Restoration

Your donation will help us build diverse ecosystems and help to save threatened species from extinction.

Tractor Fundraiser

In order to restore more land, faster, we need a bigger tractor! Donate now and be part of the solution.

Each $1 donated lets us prepare, sow and begin management of one square metre of native grassland.

Together, we can reverse the loss of species and protect our world for future generations. And as a not-for-profit with Deductible Gift Recipient status, all your contributions will be tax deductible.